Sunday, July 24, 2011

Packing and more packing......

My house is like a disaster area!!!! I am trying to get things packed up and it's not easy when I still have a hard time getting around. I am working on the kitchen and actually there is not a lot left to do. I am donating bunches of stuff to a friend, who knows someone who needs stuff for an apartment. I have sold a bunch of furniture as we want to get a lot of new things when we move into our new a house. I sold our dining room set, a sofa table, console table, end table, another small table, and a few decorative things. I have a bunch of other things that I am going to try to sell before we move. If not, I will donate them too!!!

As for scrapping, I still have not been able to do anything- not enough time or space at the moment. Soon, very soon!!! I miss it so much.

Friday, July 15, 2011

It's been along few weeks......

I am doing very well since my surgery but it feels like it has been months instead of just over 3 weeks!! Oh how I hate this being laid up!!! The pain is under control, well gone, so if I could start sleeping well, life would be so much better!! I have had trouble sleeping long before my surgery but I need to sleep well now in order to help with my recovery. My doctor, thankfully, ordered sleeping pills to help.

I hope to get back to doing some scrapping soon. Over the next few days I will have to decide what scrap supplies I will take to my parents while the rest gets packed away for a few months. I miss my scrapping!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

I have been busy and preoccupied.....

Life has been hectic this past month. Not only did I have a major surgery on June 22nd, but about 3 weeks before, we decided to put our house up for sale. It certainly was quite the coincidence, as my hubby never ever wanted to move, but it came up in conversation and he was agreeable to build a new house and gave me the budget for it, so I jumped all over darn near killed myself before my surgery getting the house ready to list. We had someone come in to paint but there were many little things that needed to be done. My Mom, Dad and sister helped me out, as did my hubby when I forced him to!! He made it clear from the get-go that he was not having any part of getting the house ready or building the other one, that was all my baby. I guilt him into doing some things as I can't do it ALL myself :)

So the house went up for sale on June 20th and off I went to the hospital on June 22nd. My surgery was scheduled for 8:15 so I had to be there at 6:45. I was pretty nervous I must say. Hubby was with me right up until I went in the operating room. I saw my surgeon before surgery and he marked my knees so in case they could only do one, for some reason, he knew which one I wanted done first. Thankfully I had two of them done when I woke up! I don't recall waking up in the Recovery Room but I remember getting back to my room on the floor. Luckily I was in a private room. Nick was already there when I got back. I was well medicated and slept a fair bit that first night. I was back in my room at about 1 PM but not allowed out of bed until the next morning, so unfortunately I had to use a bedpan until fun. The next morning started with getting up to the chair. Oh my, feeling like you are going to faint and vomit at the same time, not a good feeling!!!!! However it quickly passed and I did well. The next time up I was wheeled into the bathroom so I could wash and then I walked out with my walker. That was the last time that anyone had to help me ambulate. From then on I was able to get around with my walker by myself. It was slow going but I could do it. Going to the bathroom was a major ordeal, and still is!

So I spent 5 nights in the hospital. I actually did not mind as I was in no condition to be home before that. I lost my appetite completely after the first 2 nights and hardly ate anything which did not help my recovery. It's only now slowly coming back.

I have had a few ups and downs since coming home a week ago. Yesterday was a low point as I was having a LOT of pain in one knee and had to go to the Emergency Dept for pain meds. They gave me enough for three and a half days, which I made last longer than that, but I really needed something else and the doctor ordered it no problem. Today I am much better. My husband has been super supportive and has gone above and beyond  for me since I came home. I don`t know what I would do without him. My parents and sister are also very supportive so I am well looked after. And my sweet little dog Soda- well, hubby said that she was lost without me while I was in the hospital. Since I have been home she is sweeter than ever! She stays close, and whenever I get upset and have a little cry for myself she comes over and gets up with me and puts her little head on my chest and just loves me.

Needless to say, scrapping has taken a back seat for the past few weeks and will continue to for at least a few weeks more. I am dying to get my stuff out but I can`t sit at a table long enough to do anything. I will make up for it at some point :)