Sunday, July 24, 2011

Packing and more packing......

My house is like a disaster area!!!! I am trying to get things packed up and it's not easy when I still have a hard time getting around. I am working on the kitchen and actually there is not a lot left to do. I am donating bunches of stuff to a friend, who knows someone who needs stuff for an apartment. I have sold a bunch of furniture as we want to get a lot of new things when we move into our new a house. I sold our dining room set, a sofa table, console table, end table, another small table, and a few decorative things. I have a bunch of other things that I am going to try to sell before we move. If not, I will donate them too!!!

As for scrapping, I still have not been able to do anything- not enough time or space at the moment. Soon, very soon!!! I miss it so much.

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