Saturday, November 10, 2012

Craft Fair and other things....

I have decided to take part in a local craft fair selling my cards and other scrapbook items. I received much encouragement from my daughter and sister to do so, so I said "what the heck" I have nothing to lose! So I have been very busy crafting. I have 77 cards made so far, a couple of mixed media canvases, a trinket box, birdhouse ornaments, tags and bookmarks. The fair is on December 1st so I have lots of time to complete more projects. I have mainly focused on Christmas cards but I do have some for other occasions. I think I will make more of these as a lot of people may already have their Christmas cards bought.

I have not sold one thing in my Etsy shop, but I have made no effort to promote it either. Maybe I will after Christmas, I am not sure if I will bother. I will have to see when the time comes. I just love to create and the reason I am trying to sell things is so I can create more!! I can't keep doing all this when I have no one to give it all to.

Here are a few examples of the cards that I have made, and the trinket box.

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  1. Your cards are gorgeous and I think your idea about making cards for other holidays or occasions is a great one. Thank you cards are very popular at the craft fairs I go to. Best of luck with the fair!!