Monday, October 21, 2013

Puzzle Piece Swap....

This is something that i am participating in with my awesome group of Newfoundland scrappers. We all buy a puzzle and send the pieces to the group members, they alter the piece and send it back and you put your puzzle back together- awesomeness!! A little bit of every group member,such a cool idea.

Here are the pieces that I have altered so far.....not the greatest of pics as I had to take them at night.

I have more so I will come back and add them a little later today- gotta go bake cookies!!! TFL!

Ok, here are more (cookies are cooling)

 Oh my, this next t picture in particular is really bad. I HAVE to stop taking pictures at night, but i get so excited when I finish up, and I do mos tof my scrapping at night, that I just want the picture NOW. But it does not do my work any justice at all. 

The following pictures were taken with my good camera that I finally had repaired. The picture quality is better but the exposure is off- I obviously just do not know how to take a decent pic **sigh**

Anyway, that's all the pieces I have done so far. I think I mailed out one that I forgot to photograph. I am anxiously awaiting more pieces as this is SO much fun!!


  1. Beautiful Darlene - love them all but that lady in the top hat is very cool!

  2. Darlene, these are all so vintage...just love them all!

  3. Thank you ladies!! I had a ball making them

  4. Wow Darlene...these are amazing. TFS!

  5. GORGEOUS!!!! and they are sooo YOU!

  6. Thanks Brandy and Michelle! Yes Michelle, I think that if you know me, you know they are my style :)