Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here it first tutorial!!!!

Ok, so the idea is not original. Does that matter???? Is there some type of internet etiquette about making your own tutorial with someone else's idea? I hope please tell me if there is :)

How to make a fabric flower (like the one on the Rock n Roll frame that I did). Chrissy asked if there was a tutorial, so instead of posting a link to one, I will do my own. yay!

I use a cotton fabric, made a little snip at the top with a pair of scissors and then ripped the fabric downward in a strip. The length and width of the strip entirely depends on the size of the flower you want, of course. The width of my fabric was approximately 1.5 inches and almost 22  in long. I like the look of the frayed edge and it gives your flower that "shabby chic" feel. Of course you can cut the material if you prefer.

You will need a hot glue gun, at least that is what I used. You could always use a Gluber, which seem to be pretty neat. I have never used or even seen them, but it would be easier and less messy I imagine.

Ok, start by twisting the fabric and making a tight little centre...

then start using your glue gun and put a dab of glue on the side of the fabric, while continuing to twist your fabric and glue, going in a circle. You can make the circle as tight or loose as you like, depending on how you want your flower to look.

Continue until you run out of fabric or your flower is as big as you like. Anchor the fabric on the back like below...

Then, voila! you have a flower. You can add a jewel or brad for your center, or leave it as I did. You can see how big my flower turned out by the markings on my cutting mat.

Hopefully I clearly explained the instructions. It's obviously not difficult!! I would like to learn to make them so they are a little less flat looking, but I guess that comes with practice.

Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated, as it was my first tutorial and I would like to know what you think! Thanks for looking!!


  1. Fantastic tutorial! Very easy to follow and well written. I have a few scraps of material with absolutely no use for them. I will have to give this a try! Thanks Darlene!

  2. Thanks for the comment Chrissy! I'd like to see how your flowers turn out.

  3. Yes, very easy to follow! Great pictures and it looks cool.