Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little awesome things

I just saw a commercial for Maxwell House coffee. He talked about how you can let the dark things in life get you down, but there are little awesome things that happen everyday and focus on those things popping bubble wrap- who doesn't like that????? :)  There were a bunch of awesome things in my day today.....first it was absolutely beautiful out and very warm. Hubby and I sat out on the patio for an hour. My daughter was in a great mood and we all sat together for an hour, chatting. We had great pizza for supper. My dog.

As I am waiting to get my surgery done, I have to focus on the little awesome things, as I have a tendency to get down when I am cooped up at home. So, I will try to focus (and blog) on the little awesome things, at least every other day.

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