Friday, June 10, 2011

Day two.....

of painting, cleaning, etc to get the house ready. Our bedroom will be painted today. I might want to stay after everything gets will all look so pretty and new! After the bedroom, the landing and stairway will be done, then the half bath and spare room. That's everything upstairs totally painted except my daughter's bedroom. I have some things up there packed up, ready to put out of sight, and we need to move an armoire down to my sister's house. Once the spare room is finished, we are going to stage it as a boys bedrooom. I know someone who has a toddler race car bed that I can borrow in order to do that. I'll get some boy decals to dress up the wall a bit, and a few little extras and we are all set. People tend to not be able to picture the room as something else, they need to see it with there own two eyes.

So, in my scrapbooking world, this is the last layout I did a couple of days ago. It is of the peeing boy statue in Brussels, Belgium. He is quite the famous little dude and a huge tourist attraction in Brussels. He was wearing his Boy Scout uniform that day- I believe it was Lord Baden Powell's birthday. He has over 800 costumes that are on display in a nearby museum. We were actually in the museum, and for some reason, never saw them!!! I was disappointed when I found out. We found the museum to be rather boring actually, plus it was not air conditioned and it was HOT that day, so we saw a bit and left. I was sure to see the peeing boy himself though!!!

Yesterday I started working on my Tim Holtz configuration box!!!!! Boy, these are the neatest things EVER!!! I have the small rectangular one. It may take awhile to completely finish it as I want it to be perfect. Meaning, I want the perfect items to go inside of it, so that means I may have to order some things. I will certainly be making one or two of these for Christmas gifts.

Speaking of which, I must go work on it now for a little bit before I need to do more house preparation stuff. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

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