Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A sucker for punishment....

Yup, that would be me. Getting a house ready to list while I am off work, waiting for a double knee replacement, is probably not the brightest idea. Why did my husband have to be agreeable to this now?? I just came up in conversation somehow and he said "go for it", so I had no choice!! If I waited, he would probably change his mind! So, I have my Dad here doing a few little fix up jobs and a painter coming tomorrow. Meanwhile I am trying to clean down the walls, etc. I can only do so much as I cannot be getting up an down on a ladder or chair to reach up high. My knees are absolutely killing me tonight. I just called my Mom and she is coming to help me out in the morning. Thank heavens for parents!!

Meanwhile I did not scrap today :(  I finished one yesterday and I will post it later tonight or tomorrow. I had a few more scrap things from Ebay over the last couple of days- my Tim Holtz configuration box!!!! ballerina cameos by Webster's Pages and a Tattered Angels glimmer mist color kit. It's all so cool.

Excuse me now while I get an ice pack for my knee :)

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  1. Who says we can't do everything at once? Good luck with the house sale. Can't wait to see what you do w/ the T.Holtz configuration box.